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When a hobby becomes a passion...

One idea, collect all S.2000 cars in the World and publish on a free-access website. This is the main idea of a Project born on August of 2007, by an international team. It wasn't easy, lots of hours updating a database, thousands of problems with plates and liveries but the sacrifice give results.
We know that keep our new home updated to everybody will be a hard and sometimes ingrate work but when you make something like that with passion and with good friends nothing is impossible. We really hope that you that now are reading this lines will visit us whenever you need to know something about S.2000 World.

We also want to say special thanks to the people who helped us to complete this long travel:

Jack de Keijzer (from Rene Georges Rally Team) -
Michele Fontana -
Sergio Castellano (from Rallyaccion Canarias) -
Alessandro Bugelli (from Sistema Comunicazione) -
David Limage
Grant Martin (codriver from South-Africa).
Gianluca Lioce -
Paulo Homem (from Ralis Online in Portugal) -
Lorenzo Marinello -
Alessandro Zanatta -
Steve Hardman (from MSD) -
Patrick Gerritsen (from Wevers Motorsport) -
Team Olvasport -
Ana Pimentel (from Peugeot Portugal).
Racing Lions -
JM Racing -
Peter Trevaskis (from Toyota Motorsport PR)
Linda Martins (from Peugeot Sport)
Jan Simon -
Barroso Sport -
Team Sab Motorsport -
Peugeot Danmark -
Kronos Racing -

And for sure to all photographers who posted their pictures on internet and who helped us to complete our website (Site won't be the same without their work). Their names are below every photo.