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Ford Fiesta S2000 - Prov. Spanish - R2MC

Car Details

Factory Year 2010
Original Plate PX59 AWF gb
Actual Plate Prov. Spanish e
Team R2MC
Usual Driver Sergio Vallejo, Xevi Pons
Ford Fiesta S2000 - Prov. Spanish - R2MC

Races and results

Only first and last 4 races are shown

Date Race Driver Result
  • 27-03-2010  Rallye La Villajoyosa  e  Sergio Vallejo 
  •     ...
  • 17-10-2010  Rali de Mort·gua  p  Miguel Campos 
  • 14-11-2010  Rali Casinos do Algarve  p  Miguel Campos 
  • 27-11-2010  Rallye de Madrid  e  Xevi Pons  Retired(transmission) 
  • 02-04-2011  Rallye La Vilajoiosa  e  Xevi Pons